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Biogas engineering firm

Electrigaz is a dynamic biogas engineering firm specialized exclusively in the design, planning and realization of biogas solutions for farms, agro-food industries and municipalities.

We sell unbiased biogas engineering expertise, not equipment.

What is biogas?

Biogas is a renewable energy composed primarily of methane resulting from the natural decomposition of organic waste by anaerobic bacteria.

Similar to natural gas, methane captured by a biogas system can be substituted to conventional fossil fuel to provide heat, electrical power or transportation biofuel and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Biogas extraction offers several benefits:

  • Producing green and renewable energy
  • Reducing pollution and greenhouse gases
  • Reducing waste odors and pathogens
  • Transforming waste into valuable bio-fertilizer

Electrigaz is dedicated to the advancement of biogas energy as one of the key solutions to the 21st century's energy and environmental challenges.



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